August 27, 2016

Barcelona, Day 1.

Another thing I forgot about blogging is HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO COME UP WITH A POST TITLE. 

"Day X" isn't going to be a thing, btw, since I have like 150+ days here...

Anyway, honestly? I'm already sad because I keep thinking about how I have merely 5 months here because guys, I LOVE IT HERE. I mean, I haven't explored outside the area surrounding my hostel in Les Corts, but I LOVE IT HERE ALREADY. 


it's summer so obviously I should have expected it to be hot but I didn't expect it to be this hot. My mom, as we were walking in the heat, "Why is it so hot here like KL?" 

Obligatory street photo

Fun thing #1: People love it when you speak Spanish to them.

The proprietress of the hostel I'm staying in said my Spanish is "muy bien" when I legit just asked the location of the nearest metro HAHA. Incentive to learn more Spanish! 

The only problem is that when you ask questions in Spanish to people.............they actually reply in Spanish. So if you're me who doesn't speak Spanish beyond the questions I ask people... "No me entiendo...*smiles sheepishly* Inglés?"

Fun thing #2: I had paella de marisco. 

It tasted exactly like nasi goreng seafood I'm crying.

More fun things tomorrow I hope!

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