September 28, 2016

Book Review | Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

Words in Deep Blue
by Cath Crowley
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Genre: Young Adult (YA), Aus Lit
Rating: ★★★★
Release date: August 30th, 2016
Goodreads |
Sometimes you need the poets.
This is a love story.
It's the story of Howling Books, where readers write letters to strangers, to lovers, to poets.
It's the story of Henry Jones and Rachel Sweetie. They were best friends once, before Rachel moved to the sea.
Now, she's back, working at the bookstore, grieving for her brother Cal and looking for the future in the books people love, and the words they leave behind.
5 stars.

Fact 1: Cath Crowley makes simple sentences so poignant and beautiful it hurts. 
Fact 2: I basically cried reading from halfway through until the end, no joke.

Fam, you should know that a couple of nights ago I have been brutally murdered by a book. I am writing this to you from my grave. 


I'm tempted to end this review right here because yes, that's basically it. That's what I felt by the time I reached the end of the book--like being stabbed repeatedly. Now I don't have the firsthand experience of being stabbed repeatedly (and hopefully never will) but I reckon it might be somewhat similar. So painful.

I love it. 
I love it.
I am jumping-on-the-couch loving it so hard oh my


if I were a more eloquent writer I could probably have found better, more fulfilling words to describe how I truly feel about this book beyond I love it, because right now they are not enough

Where do I start? 

Or better yet--how do I make this coherent?

September 27, 2016

ARC Review | She's My Kind of Girl by Jennifer Dawson

Okay, so back in my first post I mentioned about doing book reviews on here. 

It still feels somewhat nerve-wracking for me to do this because if you follow me on Goodreads, then you're probably aware of how I "review" stuff. I'm the least eloquent person in the room and I talk in keyboard smashing and emotions. 

Either way, I reckon it's fun to talk (read: try to talk) about books I've read and why I love/hate them, so here goes! 


She's My Kind of Girl
by Jennifer Dawson
Series: Something New #4.5
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: Netgalley
Rating: ★★
Release Date: September 27th, 2016
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In high school, they’d burned fast and hot. Now is their chance to find out if the sparks that linger will ignite a whole new flame.
The only thing Darcy Miller ever wanted more than gorgeous troublemaker Griffin Strong was to shake off the dust of small-town Revival, Illinois, and head to the big city—even if she had to leave him behind. Ten years later, Darcy is the ultimate New Yorker, writing a sex blog and living on designer cocktails and the pulse of urban life. That is, until she hears that Revival plans to seize her mother’s house right after the holidays, thanks to the new mayor—who is none other than Darcy’s ex…
Griffin couldn’t have asked for a more dangerous Christmas gift. Curvy, sassy Darcy is every bit as delectable as the wild child she was in high school—and just as determined to stir up problems. But Griffin learned long ago to straighten up and fly right in order to make changes in the town he loves. Keeping his reputation wholesome is a big part of that. If only Darcy didn’t make him want to take his place on the naughty list with her, right under the mistletoe…

4 stars.

Oh man. I've been a Jennifer Dawson fan since last year, I think? I picked up the second book in this series, The Winner Takes It All for fun and it blew me away. 

Let me just say something about this series: it gets better. After I finished the third book, The Name of the Game, I was like, "How is Jen gonna top this? How is she gonna do it because this is pretty awesome." Then the fourth book, As Good As New came out and it wowed me again, and now I'm just repeating myself with this one.

Because the truth was, one look and he wanted her. Just like he's wanted her back in the day, that first time behind the school. Something about Darcy Miller had always reached inside of him and squeezed.

Now, second chance romance is basically my ultimate favourite trope, so it's a no brainer that I devoured this one like four cheese topping pizza. I adore both Darcy and Griffin instantly when they were introduced on the page. I love Darcy's grit and the fact that she made a name for herself in New York, her determination to save her mother's house despite it being a losing battle from the get-go (Sorry, Darce). I love the way she always speaks her mind and stands up for herself. I love Griffin's reformed self, his passion for Revival, and his love for the townspeople. 

She wanted to be the woman he deserved.
Wanted to love him the way he deserved.
She bit her lip. Tonight she would.

Darcy and Griffin together? FIREWORKS. Their banter is so entertaining, and when they finally get together? Jen Dawson is basically the queen of writing sexy times, so I have no complaints ;) 

Honestly when I found out that this was a novella, I admit I was a bit bummed because you know how unsatisfying novellas can be. Fortunately it's not the case with this one. She's My Kind of Girl reads like a full-length novel, and I'm utterly grateful for that. 

Now I just need Sam Roberts' book and I'll be happy. 

Disclaimer: Quotes are taken from e-ARC.

September 24, 2016

My birthday, and other less important updates

So I turned 26 last Tuesday. 

It was a quiet affair, naturally, what with me being alone in a foreign country and whatnot. It has been quite cold here in Barcelona since last weekend--I'm guessing fall is finally making its way down?--but the sun was out on Tuesday, I bought new shoes, treated myself to a rainbow sprinkled other words, my birthday went pretty great.

Not sure my landlady's mother would agree, though--I still remember the look of horror on her face when I told her I spent my birthday walking aimlessly around Plaza Espanya and then at uni because I had a consultation with the vice dean of my school, haha. I had to tell her I had cake to make my recount sound less pathetic. 

Other than my birthday, this week has been pretty mundane. Academic wise, after consultation with the vice dean, I found myself registered to a subject called Photonics Materials and Metamaterials, which is one of the elective subjects for europhotonics engineering. Fam, I don't even know what the hell photonics is, all I know is that it's electronics and optics, but yeah I'm taking it. Me--a biochemical engineer by training and loathes anything remotely resembles a circuit board because it gave me hell during my early undergraduate years. 

Luckily I'm going to be learning about the material aspects of it, so I reckon it won't be too difficult. Hopefully. 


There is a festival going on currently in Barcelona called La Mercè. There are a lot of different activities held all over the city ranging from concerts, theatre shows, book exhibition, etc. 

September 18, 2016

Ok, this blogging thing isn't working.

Concept: Write every day about absolutely everything and nothing that's happened in the day.
Reality: Spend the day walking about aimlessly, and the night staring at the ceiling and/or rereading romance novels and end up turning in early.

I'm just so creatively drained right now. 

I've never thought it could be possible, but I'm not on Tumblr as much as I used to be when I was at home. My daily activities right now starts with waking up, have breakfast, going to uni if I have to, head down to Placa de Catalunya, wander around, pick up snacks, get home, make dinner, and proceed to doing nothing until I give up on trying to do something, and go to bed. 

It's a boring routine and I hate it, but I can't seem to get out of it.

In all honesty, this week has been a bit rough. I had some trouble registering for subjects (mainly because there aren't any subjects that I could actually take) and also trouble making friends somehow... I realized this week that as much as I like having my space and keeping it to myself, I need people. Like, Barcelona is so beautiful and I wish I had someone with me to share it with, to talk about it, whatever. 

I'm a little lonely, as much as I hate admitting it, haha. It also makes me realize how much I depended on my family, like I've never been this lonely before because I live at home, I have my siblings and taking care of them since my parents moved has been a full time job and I fucking love it. I've never wanted for anything in terms of company. My siblings and their shenanigans are enough for me.

And then I came here, I have all this time to myself and I'm so lost. I don't know what else to do because the past 3 years of my life (or even forever???) have been revolved around my family and now that I'm living alone I'm like....what now? What now? 

On the bright side, I recognized the signs that I was about to slip into another episode so I worked hard not to let myself go there. It's harder right now because I'm 10,560 km away with a 6 hour time difference from my support system if anything happens, so I have to be twice as...vigilant? about taking care of myself and my mental health.



Yesterday I crossed Rambla de Mar and went to the Maramagnum shopping mall, but like all shopping malls, I'm not very interested in them unless they have bookstores in them, and this one hasn't. Sat at the pier, soaking up the sun because it had been a bit cold this past couple of days, and played PokemonGo (caught a lot of water-type pokemons, naturally).

Then I walked through Placa de l'Odissea towards Placa de L'Ictineo, and just spent two hours sitting here doing nothing and watching people. I planned to sit and write but obviously the writing part didn't work out much.

I guess autumn is near since we've been having heavy rains and the coldest winds (I've started wearing my fleece hoodie and socks to bed), and my only regret right now is not being able to explore the beaches. Maybe I'll check the forecast and go down there when it's a little bit warm. 

Until later,

September 7, 2016

Remember when I thought reviving this blog was a good idea?

Yeesh. I'm so used to not writing it's hard to break out of the habit.

Anyway, life update:

Day 2 of living alone in Barcelona because my mother went home on Monday. Cried in the cab like one does after separating with one's mother. Moved into the room I rented in a flat shared with my landlady and her mother, and they are both super fun people despite our language barrier. My landlady's mother speaks no English, but I managed to understand most of the stuff she said. The only problem I'm currently having is to actually reply to things she said. She's like "You understand what I'm saying, right?" and I'll be like, "Sí, entiendo, sí."

There is a lot of -ing in this household, haha.

Barcelona is a beautiful city, have I mentioned? I've managed to go to most of the tourist spots, I think. So far I've been to Parc Güell, seen the Arc de Triomf, walked the hell out of Las Ramblas (four times!), seen La Sagrada Familia, walked along Port de Barcelona, ...but my favourite place out of all that I've been is definitely El Barrio Goticó, which is just *clenches fist* ugh. I'd put photos but I hate Blogger's formatting system and I've uploaded them on my Instagram anyway. I haven't seen all of it, I don't think, but I'm looking forward to getting lost in this place. Will definitely go again soon.

This week, the plan is to smooth out the school-related things: registration, setting up a Spanish bank much work. So much commuting too.

Until later!