September 24, 2016

My birthday, and other less important updates

So I turned 26 last Tuesday. 

It was a quiet affair, naturally, what with me being alone in a foreign country and whatnot. It has been quite cold here in Barcelona since last weekend--I'm guessing fall is finally making its way down?--but the sun was out on Tuesday, I bought new shoes, treated myself to a rainbow sprinkled other words, my birthday went pretty great.

Not sure my landlady's mother would agree, though--I still remember the look of horror on her face when I told her I spent my birthday walking aimlessly around Plaza Espanya and then at uni because I had a consultation with the vice dean of my school, haha. I had to tell her I had cake to make my recount sound less pathetic. 

Other than my birthday, this week has been pretty mundane. Academic wise, after consultation with the vice dean, I found myself registered to a subject called Photonics Materials and Metamaterials, which is one of the elective subjects for europhotonics engineering. Fam, I don't even know what the hell photonics is, all I know is that it's electronics and optics, but yeah I'm taking it. Me--a biochemical engineer by training and loathes anything remotely resembles a circuit board because it gave me hell during my early undergraduate years. 

Luckily I'm going to be learning about the material aspects of it, so I reckon it won't be too difficult. Hopefully. 


There is a festival going on currently in Barcelona called La Merc√®. There are a lot of different activities held all over the city ranging from concerts, theatre shows, book exhibition, etc. 

Today I went to the one held in Parc de la Ciutedella, one of my favourite places in the city. I didn't stay long because there were too many people my god, but the activities here were more of a family theme--I saw merry-go-rounds, children's games, concerts, and

FOOD TRUCKS. Which were mostly stuff I couldn't eat but who cares? I was pretty contented seeing people happy with their food (while I sadly munched on the cereal biscuits I brought from home).

There were a lot of people, which made walking and stopping to take photos less ideal. I swear to God I have never felt so small in my entire life as I feel living in this city of bigger, taller people (I love it--I hate being bigger than everyone else, which is the reality of my life back in KL). I get jostled around all the time.

The last day of the festivities is tomorrow, so I'm probably going to go and check stuff out again since I don't have anything better to do.

Until later,


  1. Yaaaaaas lisa! Finally a blogpost from you!!!!

    I'm excited. Do update more. I always loved reading your blog. Have a nice day!


    1. awwww thank you so much! I shall try to update regularly <3