September 7, 2016

Remember when I thought reviving this blog was a good idea?

Yeesh. I'm so used to not writing it's hard to break out of the habit.

Anyway, life update:

Day 2 of living alone in Barcelona because my mother went home on Monday. Cried in the cab like one does after separating with one's mother. Moved into the room I rented in a flat shared with my landlady and her mother, and they are both super fun people despite our language barrier. My landlady's mother speaks no English, but I managed to understand most of the stuff she said. The only problem I'm currently having is to actually reply to things she said. She's like "You understand what I'm saying, right?" and I'll be like, "Sí, entiendo, sí."

There is a lot of -ing in this household, haha.

Barcelona is a beautiful city, have I mentioned? I've managed to go to most of the tourist spots, I think. So far I've been to Parc Güell, seen the Arc de Triomf, walked the hell out of Las Ramblas (four times!), seen La Sagrada Familia, walked along Port de Barcelona, ...but my favourite place out of all that I've been is definitely El Barrio Goticó, which is just *clenches fist* ugh. I'd put photos but I hate Blogger's formatting system and I've uploaded them on my Instagram anyway. I haven't seen all of it, I don't think, but I'm looking forward to getting lost in this place. Will definitely go again soon.

This week, the plan is to smooth out the school-related things: registration, setting up a Spanish bank much work. So much commuting too.

Until later!

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