October 24, 2016

Bookstore Tour #3 - Hibernian

Is there anything more wonderful than the existence of secondhand bookstores?

Granted, I didn't go to many secondhand bookstores back in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, I'm not so sure if one existed? There should be one in Pasar Seni, my friend mentioned it a few years ago, but I rarely ventured to that area so I cannot confirm if it still exists. 

Anyway, I'm very selective of the genres of my reading material. Well, selective isn't the correct word to use, I guess. My preferred genres are very limited. I used to read a lot of Young Adult (YA) and New Adult (NA) when I first started reading obsessively 5-6 years ago. As I grew older, my reading preference shifted to Adult, specifically Contemporary Romance (CR). 

Now most of the books I read are CR with a splatter of YA and NA here and there and so far the bookstores I went to in Barcelona did not really cater to my preference, but I enjoy lurking between the shelves nonetheless. 

I visited Hibernian last Wednesday after my Catalan class. It's located in the neighbourhood of Gracia. I didn't plan any trips because it was raining that day but it wasn't for a change when I got out of class so--impromptu trip! Hibernian is moderate in size and filled to the brim with English books it's just so heavenly. As usual, it has a vast selection in general fiction as well as crime, mystery/thriller, and classics. They have a huge section of classics that I forgot to snap pictures of because I was too busy gawking.

The couple in my photos were looking for a specific David Baldacci book (there are tons of his work here) and they were also looking to trade books (THEY TRADE BOOKS HERE?!) for some titles my eavesdropping ass didn't really catch. I almost picked up a couple of classics myself but then I remembered that I have a medium sized container full of classic titles still unread back home so I reluctantly put them back and walked out. 

My mother should be proud. 

Fins aviat!

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