October 25, 2016

Bookstore Tour #4 - La Central del Raval

During my first few weeks in Barcelona, I was a little bit down and a lot lonely because life just wasn't going the way I wanted to in the Friends department (as in I had zero friends when everyone else seemed to flock together instantly), so I walked around a lot. I think I've mentioned here on the blog that one of my favourite haunts here is Plaza Catalunya that is connected to both the Gothic Quarter and El Raval, so I used to spend time tiring myself out going in and out of different streets aimlessly. 

On one of my peace-hunting walks one day I found La Central, which is apparently the best bookstore in Barcelona. The place certainly feels like it. I spent an hour that day perusing titles on the shelves and wishing I was fluent in Spanish and/or Catalan so that I could read and understand the literature. 

Yesterday was my third visit to La Central, and I still fell in love with it like I did the first time. The bookstore has three floors and also a basement floor (so four floors, Lisa? yes; but I didn't go down the basement because nobody went down the basement and I didn't want to look weird lmao). 

Without further ado, here's a spam of photos I took inside a piece of heaven:

I'm still giggling over the fact that Mateo the Cat changed into Baltasar the Cat in Catalan. I compared the two books and they are exactly the same, so I have no idea why they changed the name of the cat when they translated it into Catalan. Pity the books are like 15 Euros each or I would have bought them both (why is children lit so expensive, man). 

I love this place. 

Que vagi bé,

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