October 3, 2016

Can you believe it's already October?

Like, we only have two more months until 2017. 


Anyway, let's recap all the things I did during the last two weeks (not much).

On the La Mercè weekend, I ended up going to the closing event on Sunday night and it was pretty fun. It was a musical pyrotechnic show; they put music on full blast and launched fireworks, and it was an epic 30 minute show.

While waiting for the show to start

But before that, I participated in the Correfoc de La Mercè, which roughly translates to daring souls running through daring crowds with fireworks-laden pitchforks. 

Nah, I'm playing.

It means "firerun", and that's exactly what happened. 

The warm-up. 

There is some history behind the Correfoc tradition, I suppose, but I haven't dug through it. I was just thrilled to be running away from the fireworks. I found out later that you're supposed to run towards them (which I did for 10 seconds before I shrieked and backed away), which explains why people came to the event all decked in protective gear and ran headfirst towards the people holding the fireworks-pitchforks-thingies. Me? I was in my first-time-worn fleece cardigan and flimsy blouse, a walking fire hazard. My cardigan has holes from this.

And before that, earlier in the evening, I witnessed a folk dance of some sort, which I later found out in my Catalan class to be the Sardana. Let me tell you, watching old people dancing in circles and having fun is the most wonderful thing ever.

Senior citizens are really the active sort here. You see them walking around and sometimes jog too. 

Moving on, 

Not sure if I mentioned it already but I'm taking Catalan, and we had our first class last week. It was...interesting, I guess. Tougher, because it was in a way different than Spanish, and my Spanish-trained brain felt a lot like mashed potato when I left the class. The instructor said learning Catalan would be easier if one knew one of the romance / Latin language i.e. French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Me: :) 

Nonetheless, I'm up to the challenge!

Also, I visited the Barceloneta beach last week too since I figured I should probably do it before it gets too cold for the beach. 

There were A LOT of people lazing around on the beach it made me envious because I was in jeans and sneakers and not at all suitable for lazing around on the beach,

but eh next time, I hope.

Until later,

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