October 16, 2016

Girona trip recap

I meant to update earlier but life got in the way (not really--I'm just lazy). Barcelona has been so gloomy this past week what with all the cloudiness and the rain and the cold (so depressing when you had to go to class), but this weekend the sun is out and everything is so bright and lovely. Shame I have to stay in today because I have Catalan homework to do, 

but anyway,

Last weekend, I went to Girona with a group of Erasmus students made up of the rest of the Malaysians in my program and a few non-Malaysians mutuals. We stayed in a place off Costa Brava called Lloret de Mar, and we spent the Saturday exploring the greatness that is the Girona Cathedral. The weather was cold and gloomy the weekend we were there so swimming in the sea was a bust, sadly. 

Climbing up.

So majestic I wanna cry.

View from the top

Another pretty feature of the cathedral

Loving the hexagonal? octogonal? who knows, I didn't count? of this one.

A setting off Game of Thrones

Girona from the top of one of the towers
I wish I knew more about the architectural aspect of this thing but what I knew that the whole Cathedral is a mixture of Roman and Gothic. I took tons of photos as one does but I reckon putting them all in a post isn't wise.

Lloret beach before heading back to BCN

Okay, that's it for this week's update. Now back to my Catalan homework. 

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