October 22, 2016

Bookstore Tour #2 - Gigamesh

Hola, com va això? 

I went to another bookstore on the list on Tuesday. It's called Gigamesh, and it's on Calle es Bailén, also in Eixample. I know that neighbourhood because I've been to Arc de Triomfe and Parc de la Ciutedella before, so the bookstore was an easy find. 

But before that, I found this place on my walk:

I was pretty excited because a library

Alas, when I went inside, there was a lady standing in front of the entrance to the biblioteca, speaking to a man who was also planning to go in. From the gist of it, they were holding a private event or something and the man retreated. When I asked (more like hollered from the ground because you had to climb up a grand staircase to the entrance) if it was closed today, the lady replied in rapid Spanish that I couldn't understand so I was like "Ah, vale," and zoomed back out. 

I should go again sometime to check it out.

Also, I found this gem:

The store is huge, me gusta
Alas, no sweet soy sauce.
If you're following me on Instagram then you're probably aware of how I'm still looking for sweet soy sauce. I still regret not bringing any sauces from home because it's so hard to find substitutes here. I've tried three soy sauces but they're all meh so I threw them out. 

My cooking experience is really affected by this. I miss my mom's fully-stocked kitchen. 

*wipes sole tear* 


Yes, English paperbacks

This is also one of the best bookstores I've been to because it's filled with pop culture stuff, albeit in a different language. They also have a wide selection of English books, and even their Young Adult section is pretty amazing. 

Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life photobombing in the background
The Young Elites
I wish I had enough money to buy foreign editions of my faves. I only reserve that for Melina Marchetta--I'd do anything for Melina Marchetta. Speaking of, I finally finished Tell the Truth Shame the Devil today and I'm dead inside.

Until next time, fins ara!

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