November 2, 2016

Bookstore Tour #5 - Claret

Claret isn't on my list.

In fact, I didn't even know it existed until I walked past it on my way to somewhere else. Serendipity, people. Being the good bibliophile that I am, of course I took a detour and walked in to check the place out.

This bookstore is pretty big, and I love that it's well-lit; totally good for pictures. You will see in my upcoming post that I was pretty frustrated with this bookstore I went to because the whole place had incandescent lighting and all my photos turned out dark.

And it was such a cool bookstore too!

As far as bookstores go, Claret is kind of common. 
The first floor has all the fictions and non-fictions in both Catalan and Spanish. 
The second floor is the fun floor; it's filled with children's lit and YA. 

Well, filled is a big word; I winced a bit when I saw the gaps in some shelves.

I'm still a bit bummed that I don't see any Marchetta in the bookstores I've been to so far (but who's surprised? I'm not, not really) since I really want the Spanish edition of Finnikin. I see Divergent and The Hunger Games everywhere though, and Rick Riordan's books too. 

And of course, Harry Potter. I wince every time I see a huge display for The Cursed Child because what a total mess that book is. Don't buy it, save yourself.

Well, the true objective of my outing this time was to visit this guitar shop called Fanatic Guitars in Eixample. I've been missing my guitar something fierce, and I wanted to get something basic as a substitute. 

The shop gives out an exclusivity vibe to it simply because you have to ring the bell to go in. I nearly walked away when I discovered this bit; I was expecting an open shop with a lot of people like the one I've been to in Plaza Catalunya so nobody would pay attention to me a guitar newbie checking out the price tags one by one trying to find something within my budget.

It took two minutes to give myself a pep talk and press the bell, and I'm glad I did because if not then I wouldn't get to touch and try one of the finest acoustic guitars I've ever held in my two hands. 

I still dream of it and its 270 euros of a price tag. 

Until next time!

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