November 5, 2016

Bookstore Tour #6 - Altaïr

So I've mentioned in my previous post about being frustrated at this one bookstore because the dismal lighting turned my photos all dark and I didn't like it one bit. 

Meet Altaïr, a travel bookshop guaranteed to evoke the wanderlust in you. It's located on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, also in the big neighbourhood that is Eixample, and it's stocked full of guides and maps and just everything travel-related. 

Dismal lighting for photography aside, I absolutely adore all the maps hanging above the shelves. One of my dreams is to have one for my bedroom but my mother's really strict about putting stuff up on the wall--mainly, nothing could stick on the wall.

This bookstore has two floors; the main floor and a basement floor where the cafe is (BEST COMBINATION OF ALL TIME). You can find guides to countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa on the main floor, while the Asian countries are all downstairs.

Right by the entrance they have this corkboard up where you can leave your particulars and what/who you're looking for on a form. I'm not that sure what it was for (I was too lazy to decipher the Catalan instruction) but I reckon it was for a penpal/travel buddy thing since that's the only logical explanation of this board being up at all?

Speaking of traveling, I really need to plan mine. So far I've booked tickets to meet up with my online bestie, Kat in Norway in December (9/10 will freeze to death there as well), and I really want to visit Paris again (so cliche, I know), and maybe go to other Scandinavian countries, like Finland. I've always wanted to go to Finland. 

But planning part of the travel is such a pain in the ass? /sighs

Until later,

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