November 13, 2016

Sunday Musings & The Never-ending TBR List

Hi, guys!

Oh wow, this week has been intense, mainly because of the US election result. As a non-American, I'm lowkey surprised at how affected I am by it. Most of my friends and people I follow on Twitter are Americans, so my timeline has been filled with fun (the Biden memes! THE BIDEN MEMES!) and not so fun updates (the escalating racial crimes) on what is going on in that country. 

On my part, our currency is in the toilet again since the racist orange demagogue has been elected as the next POTUS, so all the book buying needs to slow down (I buy all my ebooks in USD). Also on my part, I feel fired up about wanting to contribute something to my own country. I've always been interested in politics but sadly not Malaysian politics, and that's something I'm planning to change in the near future. How I'm planning to change it I'm not quite sure yet because if anything I realized this week how much I've been living in a social media bubble. I assume that everyone is aware of the problems in our country and in the world because everyone I follow is self-aware and woke af. I forgot that not everyone relies on social media, I forgot about people living in rural areas like my grandmother who is a staunch supporter of the government, who get their news from 8pm TV and biased mainstream media, who don't have the same privilege or access like I do. This is a part that we need to work on if we want change. 

Academic-wise, I have an oral presentation coming up in a week that is worth 50% of my grade, and a final exam worth the remaining 50% the week after. I'm freaking out because I'm still unprepared, but I'm breathing slowly and working through one lecture slide one day at a time (no choice about this, one lecture slide has 150 pages what in fresh hell).

Bookish-related, oh my god how I wish I could read! I have great books on both my Kindle and Kobo courtesy of all my friends the book pushers, but I keep finding myself rereading old books because I just can't bring myself to consume something new. This is really sad. 

Anyway, I'm going to share all the great books in my TBR that's been certified A+ by my friends:

I've always been aware that I read a lot of white/non-diverse books, and it's a thing that I'm consistently trying to change as of this year. I requested this book on Netgalley because I fell in love with its cover, and I found that it's written by an author of colour and has POC characters as well. I think Sil has finished it and loved it too. I've read the first chapter and it's quite good, and I'm looking forward to continuing this book. 

It's currently free on Amazon! Sue and Sil recommended it so of course I, a person that is useless under peer pressure, picked it up just because of that. I've read the first chapter and it's really cute. It's set in the Philippines, which is a breath of fresh air considering almost every book I read is set in America. 

This diverse book is also very much loved by my friends (I'm such a sucker for hyped books tbh). It was free on Amazon when I downloaded it, and it's still fairly cheap as well. It's written by POC authors and has characters of colour as well. Plus point: best friends to lovers trope!

Maria's one of my newest friends on Twitter, and she has just published this F/F novella in September. All of my friends who read it loved it, which just solidified my decision in buying it. I've never read F/F before, and this book sounds like a perfect one to start with. 

I was so excited when I received this as an e-ARC from Netgalley. Courtney Milan is one of my favourite Historical Romance writers, and she's started writing New Adult Romance a few years ago and it is so good! Hold Me is the second book in her Cyclone series. My friends a.k.a the Romance squad Eri, Sue, and Sil have all read it and loved it, and I'm quite excited for it as well. 

Oh my God, if there's any book that's been shoved in my face a lot of times it's this one. Everyone who's read it has been screaming, "Lisa, you HAVE to read it!". It has an enemies-to-lovers trope which is my second ultimate trope of all time, and the blurb sounds right up my alley. I've read and loved the first chapter so now I just have to find time to finish it.

Yep, I have a (bad) habit of reading the first chapters of all the books I bought. It's the continuing part that's hard because I usually put them down to do something else and forget to pick them up again, and then I buy more books and the cycle repeats. Let's hope that my reading mojo will return soon!

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