March 1, 2017

New month, new me. (I hope)

So many things happened in February. Good things, not-so-good things, ...which I will recap in a bit. But can you believe it's March already? Whose idea was it to make February so short?



Good thing: being home means getting to eat a lot of food that I haven't eaten for 5 months, reuniting with familiar faces, driving and picking up my siblings from school every day (I kinda miss them blasting me stories about their day).

Bad thing: I was too used to taking the superb public transportation that I moaned the need to drive again. And driving everywhere means contending with Malaysian drivers and traffic. I forgot how much I hated the parents at my siblings' school who drive like they are the only ones who had places to go. 

Good thing: after five months of doing nothing, I'm ready to work hard again and finally finish my Master's degree.

Not-so-good thing: I get asked about my future plans a lot now. "Are you going to pursue Phd?" I DON'T KNOW. LET ME FINISH MY MASTER'S FIRST.

Bad thing: the school messed up with my status of study so I have to wait until they reactivate me again, but right now I'm considered "missing in action" and on the line to being dismissed. I hate this school.

[Update: they finally reactivated my status I am now a student again, thank God]

Good thing: I forgot to mention here that I started a romance blog with my best friend Eri. Imagine a place to just talk about books! 

Bad thing: I'm already the worst kind of blogger, so it's still a struggle to blog consistently. Yikes.

New month also means new attempt on planning my schedule and actually following it.

To-Do this month:

  • Start all the #romanceclass books I've been hoarding in my Kindle
  • Finish writing all my travel posts
  • Get back on my research

Another good thing: I've started a bullet journal! (Again.) Hopefully I'll stick to it this time.

Feliz Marzo! 

February 12, 2017

Back in the motherland.

I'm indeed spoiled by the cold weather in Barcelona because I can barely stand the heat and humidity here that I complain to my siblings every day, haha.

Anyway, yes it's been a few days since I came home. I miss Barcelona something fierce, naturally. To my surprise, I didn't have much of a jet lag--I went to uni the next day without problems. It's been great to see familiar faces, and I'm ready to work hard again. One more year til I finish my Master's degree!
I'm still planning to write about all the places I've been to. I just need some motivation because ugh, writing is so hard. 

Until later!

February 2, 2017

Hello, February!

Do people even read my blog anymore?

Now it's a truth universally acknowledged that I am the worst at blogging. For example, I still haven't finished the Paris Part Two post I planned. I know, I know. I WILL get to it soon.


I'm writing on mobile right now as I'm on the train back to Barcelona with my family. I've been visiting the south of Spain this past week; namely Granada and Córdoba. Still kind of bunmed we didn't have time to visit Seville. It's poor planning on our part.

T-4 days until I leave Spain for good. I haz a sad. Much sad. On one hand I'm distressed because I really, really don't want to leave. On the other hand I'm ready to work again, and finish what's left of my Master's degree. One year left, people! I'm graduating on time this time, demmit.

I have so many things to write about in this blog. I reckon February will be a month of recounting all the adventures I've had in Europe. Please bear with me while I try to get myself in the blogging momentum.

But firat, I need to get my laptop to repairs ASAP. If you're following me on Twitter then you're probably aware that I had a mishap a week ago. Mainly, I accidentally upturned a bowl of chicken soup I was having for dinner onto my laptop. It's working fine after I left it to dry for two days, but it still feels sticky underneath the keyboard.

I was planning to buy a new laptop, so I suspect the chicken soup incident was just my unconscious self-sabotage.

Until later!

January 9, 2017

twenty seventeen.

Holy wow, it's a new year already!
New year, same me, because I'm a person who never learns shit My 2017 resolutions are pretty simple; 
  • drink water consistently,
  • don't sweat the small stuff,
  • give my best in everything I do,
  • ask for help when I need it

and of course, read and read and read. Maybe expand my horizons a bit this year; there are a lot of genres I haven't explored yet. 

I said this every year, honestly.


I only have a few more weeks left in Barcelona (three, to be exact). I'm stressed out every time I think about it. This past 4 months have been more than a dream, and in a way a long vacation, and I'm so not ready to dive back into the world of research. I still have one year left in my Master's degree. One year. It'll no doubt go by quickly but for year.


Today I dragged my lazy arse out to buy food because I literally had nothing to eat or cook with, but first I took a detour to my favourite neighbourhood, the Gothic Quarter. I had Chinese takeout in front of the Barcelona cathedral while contemplating my last days here (much sad), and on my way back I took a turn into an alley I've never been into and got out in the end of it to this:

The mural is made up of photo submissions describing "moments of freedom". I love the whole lot of it. It also has this quote on the plate that I found lovely:

The sound of a kiss is not as loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.

As I stood there in front of the mural piece I thought about the number of times I've been in the area and never went down that alley until today, and I started feeling sad again for all the things I unknowingly missed.

Depressing, I know. 

It's a vicious cycle of sad I can't get out of.

I still need to write all that travel posts. 
Ugh, why am I so bad at blogging @ god-