March 1, 2017

New month, new me. (I hope)

So many things happened in February. Good things, not-so-good things, ...which I will recap in a bit. But can you believe it's March already? Whose idea was it to make February so short?



Good thing: being home means getting to eat a lot of food that I haven't eaten for 5 months, reuniting with familiar faces, driving and picking up my siblings from school every day (I kinda miss them blasting me stories about their day).

Bad thing: I was too used to taking the superb public transportation that I moaned the need to drive again. And driving everywhere means contending with Malaysian drivers and traffic. I forgot how much I hated the parents at my siblings' school who drive like they are the only ones who had places to go. 

Good thing: after five months of doing nothing, I'm ready to work hard again and finally finish my Master's degree.

Not-so-good thing: I get asked about my future plans a lot now. "Are you going to pursue Phd?" I DON'T KNOW. LET ME FINISH MY MASTER'S FIRST.

Bad thing: the school messed up with my status of study so I have to wait until they reactivate me again, but right now I'm considered "missing in action" and on the line to being dismissed. I hate this school.

[Update: they finally reactivated my status I am now a student again, thank God]

Good thing: I forgot to mention here that I started a romance blog with my best friend Eri. Imagine a place to just talk about books! 

Bad thing: I'm already the worst kind of blogger, so it's still a struggle to blog consistently. Yikes.

New month also means new attempt on planning my schedule and actually following it.

To-Do this month:

  • Start all the #romanceclass books I've been hoarding in my Kindle
  • Finish writing all my travel posts
  • Get back on my research

Another good thing: I've started a bullet journal! (Again.) Hopefully I'll stick to it this time.

Feliz Marzo!